Notion Vs. Yallhands for people operations

The difference between project management and people management tools

Notion is a popular all-in-one workspace, and its clean minimal interface makes knowledge sharing and essential project management a snap. We'll even admit, we admire the Notion team's work ethic and beautiful product. However, while it's a great collaborative tool, it is utterly underpowered for the demands of people operations. Compare common required features between Notion and Yallhands:

Content Management
Content Templates
Personalized Employee Portals
Onboarding Automations
Dense Permission Controls
Rapid Polling
Service Desk and Workflows
Company Directory
Auto Generated Org Charts
Email Campaigns
Employee Recognition
Choose Notion if you seek
Choose Yallhands if you seek
A real-time collaborative environmentEmployee feedback and engagement without full collaboration
Flexible note-taking and document sharingA rich set of engagement tools that generate workforce insights
Project management staples like spreadsheets or kanban boardsAn environment specifically designed for people ops, not a general-purpose platform
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