Lattice Vs. Yallhands

The strategy of your organization may require a performance focus or a wider set of tools

Lattice is one of the hottest people engagement platforms on the market today. Based on performance management, it's platform features OKRs, employee engagement, and pulse surveys. However, it's specialized only around those few features and commands thousands of dollars and annual contacts. Yallhands competes by offering similar features on top of a suite of other necessary tools often needed by HR leaders. Compare commonly required features between Lattice and Yallhands:

Pulse Surveys
Employee Recognition
Pulse Surveys
Onboarding Automations
Service Desk and Ticketing System
Content Management
Company Newsletters and Email Campaigns
Customized Suveys and Polls
Delegate Task Lists
File Storage and Sharing
Company Directory and Org Charts
Choose Lattice if you seek
Choose Yallhands if you seek
A platform that strictly focuses on performance management and goalsTo cast a wide net around multiple people operations needs with a robust framework
A premium-priced HRIS type with a minimum price of $3000 and annual commitmentsSkipping the sales hassles, starting a free trial, and paying a fraction of the price while getting exponentially more tools that suit your people operations needs
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