Atlassian Confluence Vs. Yallhands for people operations

The best knowledge management for one business function, doesn't it make it the best for all

Atlassian Confluence is an older industry leading wiki platform, especially when it comes to software developers. However, like many other Atlassian tools, simple, intuitive interfaces are sacrificed to offer ranges of subfeatures, making it challenging for non-technical resources to use. However, when it comes to people operations as a solution, it simply won't meet demands from HR leaders. Compare commonly required features between Confluence and Yallhands:

Content Management
Team Segmentation
Personalized Employee Portals
Onboarding Automations
Dense Permission Controls
Rapid Polling
Service Desk and Workflows
Company Directory
Auto Generated Org Charts
Email Campaigns
Employee Recognition
Choose Confluence if you seek
Choose Yallhands if you seek
An effective repository to store technical documentationFriendly blog-style content management with exacting permission controls
A knowledge management companion tool for Atlassian JiraAn environment specifically designed for people ops, not a general-purpose platform
A legacy brand name reknown around the worldPaying a fraction of the price and getting exponentially more tools
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  • Stock Images
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  • Content Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis